About this site

This site is currently dedicated to projects I’m working on in my free time, but in the future might be used for more.


About me

My name is Jeroen van Pienbroek and I’m from the Netherlands. During my studies (Applied Computer Science) I spend some of my free time on developing games and apps for mobile platforms. In the beginning I developed those in the native development environments of Android and iOS and later I started using cross-platform frameworks. At the moment I’m mostly using the Unity Game Engine.
I have a passion for games, both for playing them and developing them. I can program both apps and games, but I prefer programming games for the challenge and I learn more this way (a lot of things to consider and figure out). Games can become really complex.
Currently I have a daytime job as (Senior) Serious Game Programmer at Apollo Journey and in my free time I sometimes work on my own game projects.



For more information check my LinkedIn page.
Please don’t contact me on LinkedIn directly for support questions as I don’t check LinkedIn often. See the information of the contact page instead.